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Cheryl Haisley


Our controller, Cheryl Haisley, really loves numbers. Having worked in accounting for over 20 years, she loves nothing more than calculating complex formulas, digging through spreadsheets, and crunching numbers – especially the big ones. Outside of work, Cheryl’s hobbies include spending lots of time with her kids and grandkids. Her favorite day is payday and she has not told us whether that is because she gets paid or because she gets to calculate the payments.

Cheryl shares an embarrassing moment:

As a teen, Cheryl loved water skiing. In order to avoid wetting her hair, she’d do a beach start and finish – that is, launching from the sand into the water and skiing off the water back into the sand. One day on the crowded beach, she tripped and instead of landing her beach finish, she rolled several times up the beach.

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Cheryl Haisley