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Jorge Venegas

Construction Laborer

Jorge is our construction laborer. He was born in Watsonville before moving into the Santa Cruz mountains where he’s lived most his life, enjoying the natural beauty and breathtaking views of the Northern California coastal range. He spent time as an arbor salesman before working with his father at a tree farm. Now he gets to see how these beautiful trees get converted into beautiful homes. He enjoys watching the progress made on the homes as they become beautiful masterpieces. When he’s not hauling things around for Conrado, he’s hitting the gym or spending quality time with his family.

He braves the big rides…

Although he’s not the biggest fan of thrill rides, Jorge’s friends once strongly persuaded him to take on one of the most exhilarating rides on the Santa Cruz Boardwalk. He was hesitant to get strapped in to the ride that would shoot him 125’ feet into the air, but after getting stuck in line with no exit in sight, he was forced to brave his fear of heights. Local reports say he screamed the whole way, but if we know our guy like we think we do, we’re sure he rode that thriller like a champ. You’ll have to confirm with him on the true story.

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Jorge Venegas