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Kevin Matheny, Jr.

Project Coordinator

Kevin is one of our Project Coordinators. He is originally from Portland, Oregon but made the move to the Bay Area to attend Santa Clara University where he majored in English and French. He's a diligent worker who likes to accomplish all his tasks with precision and punctuality. An avid sports fan, he can often be found watching the big game, especially when the Chicago Cubs are involved. You can catch him at AT&T Park whenever the Cubs come to town. He's also passionate about writing and even had a couple of his short stories published while he was in college.

He has a bit of a sweet tooth...

Once while on a camping trip, his family made a dessert known as Death by Chocolate, which consisted of chocolate cake on top of brownies covered in chocolate frosting with shaved white chocolate on top. While his family took the conservative route of only having one piece, Kevin dug in to two healthy-sized pieces. The dessert lived up to its name, as he then spent the entire night with a terrible stomach ache. He's tried to limit his sugar intake since then, to varying success.

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Kevin Matheny, Jr.