Simply put, our people are our foundation. Driven. Skilled. Loyal.

Luke Snider

Superintendent, HomeCare and Remodeling

Luke Snider, our HomeCare Superintendent heads our Maintenance Program. He comes from San Jose and enjoys many outdoor sports including baseball, soccer, running trails and surfing. Luke’s thorough and methodical work approach lead him to jobs in satellite assembly and technical sales coordination. Building relationships with his clients gives him great satisfaction and he says there is never a dull moment on the job. His favorite day is when he receives a nice email from a client thanking him for all the hard work he’s done. 

Luke agrees that helmets are a good thing:

Once, I was visiting family in Oregon and managed to spin out on an all-terrain vehicle, landing in a ditch. I don’t have any scars to show, but I did walk away with a cracked helmet and a pretty big headache.

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Luke Snider