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Matt Morrill

Project Coordinator

Matt Morrill is one of our Project Coordinators and is a California native, born in Modesto and raised in San Jose, where he graduated from San Jose Community College. He has a broad range of home improvement and construction experience, including roofing, welding and metal forging.

Matt loves working in construction, being outside working with his hands, and can’t imagine himself in a desk job. His favorite day is the one where work starts on a new project and the many opportunities to contribute to building a beautiful home lay yet ahead.

When he’s not building exquisite homes, Matt loves fishing, spending time with his dogs, and honing his craft restoring antique furniture. Oh, and following his favorite teams, the SF Giants and the SJ Sharks!

A real life Iron Man:

Once, when he was young, Matt was in a hurry and tripped while carrying a pot of molten aluminum. He may have thought perhaps it would turn him into an invincible metal-skinned superhero. It did not, and he learned a valuable lesson. Even now, he keeps the protective gloves he was wearing as a reminder of his philosophy today: “work smarter, not faster.”

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Matt Morrill