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  • Supervise day-to-day on-site field operations; open and close jobsite
  • Supervise subcontractors, workers, and material deliveries
  • Check subcontractors work and identify issues as they arise
  • Schedule subcontractors, understanding sequencing and scope of work
  • Maintain quality controls to Conrado quality standards
  • Maintain logs and records related to project status and subcontractor performance
  • Ensure safe working conditions
  • Solve construction issues as they arise
  • Weekly team meetings: Field technical questions; take notes for project manager; source materials for design team as needed; participate as needed by project manager
  • Project Manager interface: Partner with project manager to get project built to Conrado quality standards as efficiently as possible; assist project manager with field estimates as needed; assist project manager with billing questions and subcontractor payments
  • On-site client interface: Interact, answer questions, and communicate with client professionally; work-out finish details with client and architectural team.

Project Skills

  • Knowledge of all trades, and level of quality expected.
  • Ability to read and understand construction documents, plans, and specifications.
  • Through understanding of local building codes
  • Ability to stand inspections, communicate and negotiate with inspectors
  • Proactive driver, pushing project along efficiently – very “hands-on” Ability to follow and meet schedules: Understand critical path scheduling; understand how today’s decisions effect project results
  • Understand finances of the project
  • Ability to supervise multiple custom home construction projects simultaneously.

Soft skills

  • Ability to see big picture
  • When needed, able to ask for help
  • Positive attitude and energy; optimistic and realistic
  • Team player
  • High personal integrity
  • Excellent communicator


  • Know nuances of Conrado Construction project –schedule, issues
  • Head needs to be “in the game” on project
  • Technical expert, finding real world solutions
  • Proactively identify issues and solve them before they become larger problems
  • Willing to jump in and solve problems and issues personally
  • Ownership and accountability for outcomes on projects
  • Out of the box thinker, offering uncommon solutions
  • Know when to escalate issues to a higher level
  • Oversee your subcontracting team
  • Coach your team; motivate them
  • Most of your time is in the field –planning, checking, solving problems
  • Professional, communicative, and get things done

Results expected

  • Keep projects on schedule and built to high quality standards
  • Work thru & solve problems before they get to next level
  • Intercept issues, solve, and communicate what you are doing to project manager
  • Find solutions, and don’t focus on who is to blame. Look forward, not back

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Office Operations Coordinator


  • Responsibility and accountability for various back office departments.
  • Fully engaged in company business.
  • Proactively identify areas of improvement and present solutions to executive team. Thinking strategically about how office and company could improve.
  • Develop new processes as needed to keep office efficient.
  • Willing to jump in and solve problems and issues personally and efficiently.
  • Conrado back office is World Class. Professional, communicative, organized, supportive, and gets things done.


  • Responsibility for HR software Bamboo and Lattice
  • Responsibility for all recruiting efforts
  • Preps offer letter and sends background check to candidates
  • Responsibility for new staff onboarding
  • Responsibility for employee exit
  • Responsibility for ongoing HR support
  • Manages certifications and training
  • Coordinates medical renewal and 401k enrollment
  • Expert on benefits and policy; handles staff questions
  • Manages staff birthday cards; staff birthday and anniversary emails


  • Responsibility for maintaining content and updates on Conrado website
  • Responsibility for all print and email marketing
  • Manages Conrado photo shoots
  • Manages nurture list
  • Responsibility for Houzz and Facebook profile
  • Responsibility for client holiday gifts


  • Responsibility for planning and purchasing equipment
  • Manages equipment lists, kept accurate
  • Manages schedules for renewals and major equipment updates
  • Problem solver for desktop, phone, software and network issues
  • Office runs efficiently- walk and manage the entire building space
  • Manages office resources and spaces; ready for new hires
  • Executive team support; ownership and accountability for tasks assigned
  • Fleet management and tracking

Our employment package includes competitive wages, medical, dental, vision, and life insurance, as well as a 401k with employer match. Qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex, national origin, sexual orientation, gender identity, disability or protected veteran status.

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Project Manager

We’re seeking a top-notch Project Manager that is professional, communicative and gets things done! Takes ownership and accountability for outcomes of projects.

Our Project Managers get feedback from home owners, architects, and subs, that goes like this:

“Amazing knowledge and understanding of how to get homes built better than most project managers.”

“Outstanding project management abilities in anticipating problems, proactively developing solutions, leading and collaborating with the various teams, getting the project built to the home owner’s satisfaction and creating a raving fan of the home owner.”

“This is someone who over communicates with the owner, architect, and subs.”

“One of the calmest and most even-keeled individuals I’ve met. Takes criticism well, doesn’t get defensive or angry, keeps everyone moving forward in a positive and encouraging manner. We actually had fun working together on this project.”

Our best project managers regularly hear this feedback. Does your current company encourage, develop, and build their entire framework of working on projects around continually getting this type of positive feedback?

This is not a training opportunity, therefore the expectation is the applicant is a fully qualified Project Manager. A minimum 10 years of Project Management experience is preferred. Objectives for this position include reviewing production costs and budgets, cost tracking, progress reports and setting construction timetables. An excellent candidate is skillful in project scheduling and Microsoft Suite (Outlook, Project, Word, Excel).

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Assistant Estimator

The Assistant Estimator is responsible for supporting the Estimator in their preparation of estimates for Conrado projects, as well as researching building methods and products, and qualifying subcontractors.


  • Assist with estimating process, including:
  • Obtain digital files of plans and specifications and file
  • Obtain hard copy set of plans. Print if necessary
  • Plan check and highlight plans
  • Create digital client folders and sub folders
  • Build and assemble job books
  • Visit site and take pre-bid pictures of existing conditions
  • Create e-black books
  • Tag black books for estimating
  • Create project bidder’s list
  • Prepare online project information site
  • Place bid information on-line
  • Request and manage subcontractor proposals
  • Set-up and assist with subcontractor walkthroughs
  • Request and manage RFI’s
  • Review bids
  • Follow-up with subs for bids
  • Assist with value engineering
  • Build budgets, specifications, and cover sheets for presentation
  • Monthly, update estimating schedule with current information

Assist with construction process, including:

  • Copy job folders for project managers prior to beginning of construction
  • Update scopes of work after budget approval
  • Assist project managers with obtaining supplemental bids once construction has started.
  • Weekly, track subcontracts issued and update Subcontractor Tracker and budget spreadsheets
  • Weekly site visits of projects in construction
  • At completion of project, assist with post-mortem budget and schedule analysis
  • Assist with qualifying new subcontractors
  • As needed, qualify subcontractors to work for Conrado
  • Research new products and subcontractors

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