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Field Operations Mananger


  • Know nuances of every Conrado Construction project – budget, schedule, issues
  • Head needs to be “in the game” on every project.
  • Technical expert, offering real world advice and solutions
  • Proactively identify issues and solve them before they become larger problems.
  • Willing to jump in and solve problems and issues personally.
  • Ownership and accountability for outcomes on all projects.
  • Out of the box thinker, offering uncommon solutions.
  • Know when to escalate issues to a higher level.
  • Be in charge of your team. Coach your team; motivate them.
  • Most of your time is in the field – coaching, checking, solving problems.
  • Conrado field operations are World Class. Professional, communicative, and get things done.
  • Results expected
  • Work thru & solve problems before they get to next level.
  • Intercept issues, solve, and communicate what you are doing to project executives.
  • Train all new field hires – how the field works in this organization, expectations, etc.
  • Provide technical expertise & communicate what is reasonable expectation.
  • Find solutions, and don’t focus on who is to blame. Look forward, not back.
  • Identify critical decisions, and weight processing order.

Develop & implement procedures & protocols for:

  • Scheduling & client decisions
  • Training in Conrado systems
  • Improved client experience
  • Operational ideas

When you arrive at jobsites, ask yourself:

  • Is the job site clean? Would I be embarrassed if a potential client saw it like this?
  • Is it safe? Are we incurring liability we shouldn’t?
  • Is our jobsite sign clean and plumb?
  • Is schedule up to date?
  • Are we on schedule? If not, how can we get back on schedule?
  • How can we make to project go faster?
  • Is the job manned? Do our subs have the appropriate number of workers on site? If not, how can we get more?
  • Are the daily job reports up to date? Are older ones in the main office?
  • Looking ahead, have we sent subcontracts to subs starting in the next 30 days?
  • Have we notified subs starting in next 30 days of our expectations?
  • What is agenda for next client meeting?
  • Is project executive prepped for next client meeting?
  • At risk trades-are they following our specs?

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Project Manager

Position Qualifications and Objectives

  • Review production costs and budgets, cost tracking, progress reports, and set construction timetables for projects. Evaluate construction methods and determine cost-effectiveness of plans, which construction techniques are best, and plan a strategy for completion.
  • Determine and obtain necessary permits and licenses. Meet with municipal officials in planning and zoning, building, or water and sewer departments. Apply for special permits during construction. Inspect and review projects to monitor compliance with building and safety codes and other regulations. Coordinate and stand inspections.
  • Prepare contracts and negotiates revisions, changes, and additions to contractual agreements with suppliers and subcontractors. Direct and supervise all laborers and subcontractors and obtain progress updates from subcontractors. Requisition all supplies and materials.
  • Develop and implement quality control programs. Reduce length of project punch list through implementation of quality-control measures during course of construction. Take action to deal with delays, bad weather, or emergencies. Investigate damage, accidents, or delays to ensure proper procedure implementation.
  • Confer regularly with supervisory personnel, owners, contractors, and design professionals to discuss and resolve issues, provide project status updates, manage material selection and ordering, and discuss any adjustments to the project budget. Prepare weekly progress reports for clients and project team.
  • Learn and fully adopt Conrado’s systems and procedures, including procedures for project notes and maintaining complete project records. Be familiar with Sage 100 Contractor, Microsoft Outlook, Excel, Word, and Project software.

The right candidate will have a firm understanding of all phases of custom home construction and possess knowledge of each trade to accurately direct job progress. The candidate selected for this position should have 10 years of experience in residential construction and experience in the custom home industry is a definite plus. Professionals with four-year degrees in construction management, architecture, engineering, etc. will be given additional consideration.

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Project Coordinator

Our Project Coordinator is an integral part of our Conrado team. They support the project managers both in the field and in the office, ensuring that back-end processes run smoothly and efficiently so that projects can be completed on schedule. Responsibilities range from jobsite upkeep, to managing project documentation, to delivering materials. The project coordinator works with the estimating team and project managers from the pre-construction phase to project closeout.

Responsibilities are broken down into three phases: project setup, ongoing, and project closeout.

Project Setup:

  • Set up jobsite trailer, temporary fencing and facilities
  • Setup jobsite safety signage and equipment.
  • Prepare project electronic and hard copy files


  • Prepare and send weekly progress reports to project team.
  • Scan and digitally file project daily job reports and meeting notes.
  • Manage and organize project documentation and files on server and in hard copy, including revised plans and specifications.
  • Distribute updated plans and specifications to team and subs as needed.
  • Document product selections.
  • Manage site protection and maintenance
  • Support field IT needs for jobsite Wi-Fi, printers, computers, iPads, and iPhones.
  • Document and photograph project at critical stages, and manage photos taken by project manager.
  • Coordinate pre-insulation filming and photos after rough-in is complete and before insulation is installed.
  • Open jobsite, meet subs onsite, or close jobsite as needed.
  • Keep jobsite signage clean and brochure boxes full.
  • Order, pick-up, and deliver various jobsite materials and products.
  • Research and back office support in resolving field-generated design problems.
  • Ensure all supplies for OSHA compliance are onsite.

Project Closeout

  • Develop and manage project closeout lists. Closeout lists to be on site and distributed to subs as needed
  • Assist in scheduling subs and tracking down loose ends.
  • Manage site protection to keep finishes undamaged.
  • Collect stamped plans, stamped reports, and permits to be stored on site.
  • Collect miscellaneous plan sheets, documents, and hard copy documentation both onsite and in the office to be archived.
  • Compile digital files of plans, permits, reports, specifications, and other documentation to be stored on the share drive and a flash drive to be delivered to client.
  • Create homeowner appliance binder for all appliances and equipment.
  • Create HVAC zones map and emergency shutoff and site keys.
  • Schedule trailer and toilet to be removed.
  • Work with client to transfer utilities to their name to ensure no interruption of service.


  • Entry level knowledge or experience with construction.
  • Excellent written and verbal skills.
  • Ability to manage multiple tasks with excellent follow up.
  • Detail oriented with excellent organizational skills.
  • Familiarity with Microsoft Outlook, Excel, Word, and Project software.

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