Alex Nelson

Office Operations Coordinator

Alex is our office operations coordinator. A native Californian, she was born and raised in West San Jose in the Cambrian area. She went to De Anza College where she earned a degree in social and behavior science before moving on to Palo Alto University where she earned a B.S. in business psychology. She’s a true team player and believes in the value of working with others. She’s a pro at playing her role on the Conrado team, always striving to make things easier for the rest of the company and finding satisfaction when the whole team is successful. She’s a big picture thinker who loves the feeling of looking back after many hours, days, months, and years to see just how far she’s come and how great her contributions were to the company. When she’s not making sure the office is running smoothly, she loves to cook and entertain friends and family. Her favorite thing to make is the all-American classic combo of steak and potatoes, with asparagus on the side. That’s some good eatin’.