Joe Schoenstein

Project Manager

Joe is one of our project managers. He grew up in Redwood City and went to high school in Woodside before attending Cal State Hayward where he earned his construction management certificate. Joe is no stranger to construction as he’s been around the industry his whole life, including over 35 years of field experience during which he has seen over 1000 homes produced, both semi-custom and custom, under his supervision. With a resume like that, it’s easy to tell that Joe loves this work and thoroughly enjoys being part of the process of building homes. It all started when he was a boy and would spend time with his father in his woodworking shop taking a vested interest in all the different projects going on. And when he wasn’t watching his own dad work, he was wandering around the neighborhood working on other projects with other dads. Now he’s managing his own projects and ensuring their steady progression. He finds the greatest satisfaction in the positive results of countless hours of hard work that culminates in the clients’ happy faces signaling another successful project. In his free time Joe is involved in his kids’ and grandkids’ activities. He and his wife raised three daughters and now spend their hours outside of work with their seven grandchildren, often enjoying weekends together at their family cabin in the Sierra foothills.