Tom Sutherland

Project Manager

Tom is one of our Project Managers. He’s spent most his life in Northern California. He was born in Burlingame and grew up in Palo Alto before heading slightly north to earn his B.A. in Organizational Studies from U.C. Davis.  Tom enjoys being a project manager because he loves the construction of tangible, physical things. He is fascinated by the process of turning a series of lines on a plan into something very real: a home. He sees the homes he creates as not mere buildings, but places where families come together for comfort and refuge. His favorite days at work are those times when the team comes together to address a tough design challenge. He loves employing his critical thinking skills to solve problems that ultimately lead to a happy client. When Tom isn’t managing projects, he spends time in the great outdoors mountain biking or hiking. He also enjoys listening to live music or simply relaxing and barbecuing with friends and family.