We are committed to caring for your home for as long as you need us.


Our HomeCare department remodels, services, repairs and offers an ongoing home Maintenance Program.

Maintenance Program

Our Maintenance Program is a comprehensive service providing on-going, quarterly maintenance for your home, its systems and equipment. The Maintenance Program is designed to eliminate large, costly problems that often occur when home maintenance is deferred.

The Maintenance Program begins with a thorough walk-through and evaluation of your home. After you receive your initial home condition report, we help you develop your customized Maintenance Program. Your plan may include electrical, plumbing, home appliances, specialty items like sump pumps, central vacuums and other home systems that need periodic attention.

Maintenance Program

  • Fully customizable; appliances to window seals to security systems and much more 
  • Uses a select group of subcontractors; not handymen or dabblers 
  • Supervised work
  • Emergency services

HomeCare Service and Repair

Appliances, heating and cooling systems, windows, gutters and roofs occasionally need service, repair and replacement during your home’s lifetime. Our HomeCare department can help by taking care of service and repairs around the house that you don’t have the time, know-how or desire to do yourself. We schedule, supervise, monitor completion and quality of the work. We hire experienced and trusted vendors, installers and subcontractors to complete your home’s service and repairs.

 Service and Repair

  • Service and repairs as requested (roofs, leaks, plumbing, electrical problems and more)
  • Subcontractors, licensed and reliable
  • Maintenance program participation not required


We believe that remodeling is the right answer for some clients and their homes. Additions or remodeling can improve your home's layout, use of space, beauty and value. A Conrado home remodeling client receives the same care, quality and project focus as our custom home clients. Whether you’re remodeling or building a new home, Conrado always provides the finest details and finishes.

Our HomeCare and Remodeling department is uniquely set up to handle your special projects. We’ve remodeled bathrooms and kitchens, added specialty spaces like wine cellars and built outdoor kitchens. Our project managers are experienced in construction techniques, city codes and permits required for remodels. Our knowledge of demolition requirements, lead and asbestos testing, retrofitting methods and integration of systems and materials, create a seamless remodel. We use the same subcontractors, cabinet makers and other tradespeople as we do for building custom homes and make sure your remodel is done right.


  • Additions
  • Floor plan make-overs
  • Room modifications and upgrades
  • City permitted and inspected