Conrado Cellars

Founder and Executive Chairman’s Paul Conrado’s winemaking hobby serves two main purposes: first, it satisfies his need to create something people love and can enjoy together – a variety of delicious wines. Second, it allows him to give back to the community. Paul primarily donates his award-winning wines to fundraising events and charities.

Conrado Cellars got its start in 1992 when a client requested Paul plant a vineyard alongside their Conrado Home. Since then, winemaking has become a passion of Paul’s, and he has planted dozens of vineyards on residential properties throughout the Silicon Valley foothills. Conrado Cellars has produced hundreds of regional and national award-winning wines since we bottled our first wine.

Paul believes that winemaking brings the community together. In addition to the Bella Vina vineyard located at Paul’s Saratoga home, he sources grapes from members of the local community, the Sacred Heart Church in Saratoga, and vineyards adorning the properties of many Conrado Company clients. Paul enjoys making wine with friends and clients, and everyone benefits by receiving a portion of the wine he produces!

Conrado Cellars is not a commercial winery, and does not sell its wines.


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