Custom Home Construction

Building a custom-designed house is a once-in-a-lifetime undertaking that comes with an enormous amount of responsibility, a bit of apprehension, and the possibility to create a home that will house the memories of a lifetime. Choosing the right builder is one of the most critical aspects of the equation.

Most people equate custom home construction with the process of having a house designed and built specifically for them by a hired architect and a building team. Though having a house built to their specifications is undoubtedly part of the custom home process, many custom home builders fall back on inflexible building approaches that leave little space for homeowner involvement.

At Conrado Home Builders, we believe that custom home construction goes beyond drawing up a blueprint that is nominally distinct from the millions of homes flooding the housing market today. For us, building a custom home starts with getting to know our clients, understanding their vision for a home that is uniquely their own, and offering our team’s collective expertise and attention to detail to help bring that home into reality.

Custom Home Building Doesn’t Stop When You Move In

For most custom home builders, the client relationship ends the moment the keys are handed over. One thing that makes Conrado Home Builders unique in our niche is that we have an innovative HomeCare program that extends to the “post-construction” phase. We know that the homes we build are complex and multifaceted. From advanced mechanical systems to hydronic in-floor heating systems, to geothermal heat pumps, a whole host of complicated systems go into the unique homes we build. We can take care of those systems because we know them intimately. With our HomeCare program, our goal is to always keep the houses we build looking and operating like the day they were finished.

The End Result: Legendary Quality

Throughout the entire custom home construction process, our goal is to deliver legendary quality in the homes we build. What truly distinguishes Conrado Home Builders is that we care deeply about the excellence of every aspect of the structure. To this end, we take no shortcuts that might save us money or time. We rigorously vet all of our subcontractors, and if there is a part of the custom build that doesn’t meet our rigorous standards, we will gladly rework the system until it does. Legendary quality is our hallmark, and we are committed to delivering quality custom homes that will last a lifetime. There are no shortcuts for that.

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