Custom Homes and Renovations

We specialize in building custom estate homes and renovating large homes. Since 1988, we have built over 90 custom homes and estates from the Peninsula and Silicon Valley to the Santa Cruz area.

Our proven experience, skill and knowledge needed for any luxury home is highly esteemed and recognized throughout the area. Whether the project is a whole house renovation transforming a small non-descript bungalow into a first-class 2,200 sq. ft. craftsman jewel-box or a 16,000 sq. ft. hillside, luxury estate including an antique tile roof and Italian mahogany windows, we give the same care, concern, service and commitment to our clients and their home. After ten years, homes built by Conrado still look as good as the day we finished. We build homes that last.

We are expert builders and technical building specialists. Clients trust and hire us for projects with challenging design, tough engineering and technical requirements. From a net zero energy home to an engineer’s “tinker” laboratory to a technical R&D hobby room, we deliver what you want and need by leveraging our passion for building, research and technology. We are tenacious and will find the best innovative solutions for you.

Our outstanding project managers have many years’ worth of experience in custom residential construction and addressing technical challenges. These long time employees are experts in all phases of construction and are professionals with high standards of quality craftsmanship. They know how to build homes, keep a project on schedule and ensure that you are getting the best value for your money

We are collaborative builders and invite our clients to be involved in the home-building process. We believe that working with clients and their design team is the best method to successfully complete a one-of-a-kind home. Throughout construction, we ask questions and get your input to make sure we fully understand your wants, needs and desires and include every little personal detail in your home. We want our clients to have fun building their home and to be ecstatic when they move in.

Pre-Construction Consulting

Through our 30 plus years of experience, we have crafted a unique approach to assist clients at the earliest stages of design concept and development through the completion of construction.

We call this team based methodology, Pre-Construction Consulting. Using this process, we help you assemble a design team (an architect, interior designer, landscape architect and engineer, etc.), track a realistic design timeline and provide feasibility and cost information during development of your design.

The advantage of a collaborative design team is that everyone meets together in one room to share first-hand professional information and knowledge before and during design. Unfortunately, without the team approach, many hours and dollars are lost as each constituent focuses on their own specialty without the input and expertise of the others. A qualified team can make the difference between design success and disappointment.

Pre-Construction Consulting simplifies the pre-construction and budget development for your custom home. As your team leader, we are a conduit for team communication, help you understand the design and building process and answer your questions. Pre-Construction Consulting is a roadmap for your building journey and makes it enjoyable.