Los Gatos Contemporary Craftsman

This East Coast shingle style craftsman is expertly nestled on a plot of land that presents spatial challenges, yet nothing about the home seems confined. The cedar shingles coupled with blue stone veneer are contrasted beautifully by the white trellises and window frames which foreshadow the pristine interior. Guests are welcomed to the home by the sight of water flowing from the mouth of a bronze lion into an ornate fountain handcrafted from a single stone.

Large windows and white paneled walls throughout the house bring in natural light and create an open atmosphere, while radiant floors keep toes warm and cozy on brisk mornings. As natural light comes in, a solarium at the kitchen nook provides views out to the perfectly manicured backyard landscaping and lavish pool, which features a row of waterfalls cascading from a stone wall. An outdoor patio with a fireplace offers an intimate gathering area to entertain guests or enjoy a meal. Perched atop the roof is a rustic weather vane paying tribute to the barn that formerly stood on the grounds and that was recycled into the board formed walls in the basement.