Green Building

Without a doubt, the houses that we inhabit have an enormous impact on the environment, both in terms of the resources they use for construction, and the energy they require to keep us comfortable. According to one recent report, the construction of a new, two-bedroom house in the United States produces an average of 80 tons of carbon dioxide emissions. For perspective, that is about equal to the emissions of about five new vehicles. After considering the embodied energy footprint of the home, the energy use of the structure is another source of environmental impact. In the United States, buildings (both residential and commercial) account for an estimated 41 percent of the total amount of energy used in the United States. That means that we collectively use more energy to light, heat, cool, and power our homes, schools, and offices than the total amount of energy used by both the industrial and transportation sectors. The houses we live in also use about 14 percent of all drinkable water while also being responsible for around 40 percent of the total greenhouse gas emissions in the United States.

These statistics go to show that moving towards green and sustainable building methods is an important part of a transition towards a more environmentally friendly society. But what exactly defines a sustainable home?

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Here at Conrado Home Builders we firmly believe that superior quality really ties into sustainability. Comfort, beauty, durability, and superior quality are the foundation of our commitment to building you the most sustainable home possible.

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