HomeCare Program

The average homeowner spends somewhere between 1 to 4 percent of their home’s value each year on routine maintenance and repair costs. For older homes, that amount can be even higher. For a million-dollar home, homeowners can expect to be paying a significant amount in repairs and maintenance per year to ensure that their home continues to operate as it did the day that they first moved in. Those costs are often a minor consideration for homeowners, as they are essential in order to maintain and even increase the value of their sizable investment. The time spent on home maintenance and repairs, and the headaches that these can cause, are often much more cause for concern and frustration.

Nobody wants to deal with a front door that will not lock properly when they’re already late for their daughter´s piano recital or take time away from a yearly vacation because a smart water leak detector has alerted them to a serious leak in their basement. Unfortunately, many home maintenance issues come with a sense of urgency that simply cannot be ignored. When the central air conditioning unit goes out during a triple digit heat wave in the thick of summer, getting it fixed as quickly as possible inevitably becomes the first item on many homeowner’s “to-do” list.

As Close to 24/7 Service as Our Clients Can Get

No one knows when an air conditioning unit might suddenly decide to go out or when a leaky pipe might suddenly decide to burst. We understand that our clients EXPECT their homes to function as perfectly and seamlessly as they did from the day that they first walked into the home. Thus, participants in our HomeCare Program can benefit from personalized, quick attention. Instead of spending hours searching for a local plumber on Google, one phone call or text message to our HomeCare team will ensure that our clients get the fastest and best service available. If we can’t get the plumber out there immediately, we can ensure that our clients will be the first in line the next morning.

When an emergency situation occurs (think HVAC going out during a heat wave), our HomeCare team will make every effort to get out to the client’s home to help alleviate the immediate crisis.

Conrado’s HomeCare Program

Our HomeCare Program is designed to give our clients the peace of mind they’ve come to expect when it comes to working with Conrado. We want our clients to enjoy their homes and that means helping them take care of it. We all have certain tasks or chores that we dread to do. Oftentimes, we put them off until the last minute. Sometimes, it means they get forgotten about entirely. When it comes to maintaining a home, some things simply cannot be forgotten; not if the homeowner wants to keep their home in tip-top shape. That’s what this plan was designed to do, It gives our clients the peace of mind and freedom they deserve and desire, with a builder that they’ve grown to know and trust. That is just the way we think…that is the Conrado way.

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