Sean Misskelley

Managing Director

Sean is our Managing Director. With 27 years of experience in residential construction, he definitely knows his way around a jobsite. He is the third generation of master builders in his family, meaning he’s been around construction since he was old enough to pick up a hammer – building homes is in his blood.

Beginning in 1989, Sean managed large, multi-family projects and climbed the ranks of construction management, overseeing the construction of more than 2,000 multi-family units along the way. In the late 1990’s, Sean made the move to custom home building and found his true passion.

Sean has played a key role in the construction of some of the finest properties in the Peninsula. He has established a reputation of excellence in custom home construction, working diligently with clients from concept to completion, optimizing value while staying focused on results, all with an unwavering commitment to building healthy, comfortable and resource efficient homes.