Luxury Home Remodeling

A home remodel offers the opportunity to feel like you´ve moved into a new home, while never having to call the moving company. Across the United States, home improvement and renovation projects accounted for over $350 billion in homeowner expenses in 2018. In the state of California alone, home remodeling is a $20 billion annual market. Though many of those projects are small-scale, DIY projects such as trimming and repainting a bedroom or giving a bathroom a makeover, big projects such as renovating kitchens and baths are also quickly growing in popularity.

Whole home renovations, however, allow homeowners to drastically improve the functionality of a home, customize your structure to your particular preferences and needs, enhance your overall property value, and even lower your monthly energy bills by incorporating energy efficiency upgrades. For older homes, a whole house renovation can increase the square footage or “spaciousness” of a home, allow for a needed change of style, and bring an older, decaying home back to life.

Conrado Home Builders has over 30 years of experience in designing and building the best custom homes in the Bay area. We also offer our clients the ability to completely remodel the homes they currently inhabit. Whether the project is a whole house renovation transforming a small nondescript bungalow into a first-class 2,200 sq. ft. craftsman jewel-box, or transforming a 1950´s energy hog Mediterranean-style home into a net zero, passive structure, our remodeling teams bring hundreds of years of collective experience to every remodeling project.

Luxury Home Remodeling: An Opportunity to Bring Older Homes into the New Century

Many of the homes around the San Francisco area were built in the fifties and sixties, and many of them are homes that haven’t had much renovation work done since they were originally built. A remodel, then, offers an opportunity, even within the existing envelope, to completely transform the home. It gives homeowners the opportunity to take the small, separate rooms that were common in the fifties and sixties Ranchers and Mediterranean-style homes and open everything up into larger open spaces, for a more modern feel. 

Even within an existing building envelope, each client will have the opportunity to transform that home into a more transitional and modern direction. In almost any existing home, our luxury home remodeling teams can incorporate any architecture style that a client likes. If a client needs more space, we can help them imagine, design, and create more spacious add-ons to the existing home: a great room for entertaining, a significantly enlarged master bath, a new walk-in closet, etc.

An Opportunity to Transform Outdoor Living Areas

Whole home remodels also offer a unique opportunity to transform the areas around the home. Conrado´s remodeling teams can help clients reconsider and redesign the landscaping to find ways to expand their living space outside the walls we just helped re-insulate. Remodels are a great opportunity to connect a great room that leads to an outdoor kitchen and patio, or even add a fire pit with overhead heaters. 

California is all about that indoor-outdoor living experience that was certainly under-utilized when many older homes were built. Whether a client wants a great room leading to a large, outdoor kitchen area, a covered patio and outdoor fire pit, or even the addition of an ADU (either attached or detached), our remodeling teams can help them find the best ways to expand their home´s square footage through adding valuable livable space throughout the landscape.

Enduring Quality and Legendary Customer Service Are Pillars of Conrado Home Builders

As with all jobs we take on, Conrado is also 100 percent committed to offering enduring quality and legendary customer service to all our clients. We are confident that our renovation work is going to last two or three times longer than a less quality-centric build would last. When you build with quality, you also get durability and longevity which simultaneously lightens your footprint because your renovated home will not need to be repaired and rebuilt in another 25 years. Please reach out to us here at Conrado Home Builders. We look forward to hearing from you!

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