“Conrado Home Builders has been a real pleasure to work with. We engaged them even before we purchased the land and they were very helpful in helping us decide which plot to buy (from a builder’s perspective). The team is efficient and well-managed and has made the entire process very smooth. Building an 11,000 sq foot home is no small feat and can be incredibly stressful. Conrado Home Builders helped make the journey enjoyable and a lot less stressful.”

- New Custom Home, Saratoga

“I was particularly impressed with The Conrado Company’s systems of management and control regarding cost accounting and scheduling as the project progressed. In my entire experience building and developing, I found with The Conrado Company unparalleled organizational ability. At any given time, I knew where I was, where I had been, and what the projections were for the ultimate completion of the job.”

- Whole House Remodel, Monte Sereno

“The house looks absolutely amazing—we are really looking forward to living there. Thank you all for making it happen.”

- New Custom Home, Saratoga

“After we occupied the house, the Conrado Company has continued to be readily available to fix any loose ends that we come across, or to assist us in additions or changes that we conceived only after living in the house for a time. And perhaps best of all, at the end of the long and intense project of building a complicated house, we regard each other as friends.”

- New Custom Home, Palo Alto

“Conrado Construction did an outstanding job on one of our most complex and extensive designs. The site was limited, the neighbors touchy, the clients demanding, yet the job was handled very professionally. They kept a difficult project moving forward in a very smooth manner, keeping all of us in excellent communication. The result is magnificent. I would love to work with them in the future.”

- Max Jacobson, Partner, JSWD Architects: New Custom Home, Los Gatos

“Paul really helped pull the whole project team together- recommending architects, landscape designers, lighting designers, interior designers. He helped us understand the approval process and what is to be expected with the county.”

- New Custom Home, Los Gatos

“Nearly every time I wander around our house and property, I can’t help but have a feeling of gratitude in my heart for you and your commitment to fine workmanship, organization and a good attitude. [We] really love our home and we are so thankful that you were at the helm of our remodeling project.”

- Whole House Remodel, Monte Sereno

“It is now about two years since the completion of our historic home remodel. To this day the friendship that developed over the course of planning and building our home remains strong. The Conrado Builders helped us navigate through all the many building and historic meetings at the City of Monte Sereno which is known for well… complexity. Throughout the building process the work was done flawlessly, completely filling all of our expectations. Two years later our plaster walls have no cracks and still look beautiful. The fine worksmanship and attention to all the fine details and artistic elements are just what we had desired. We love our completely renovated home and just want to say thank you to Paul Conrado and everyone who is associated with this truly great company!”

- Whole House Remodel, Monte Sereno

“This house was no walk in the park but then who would want such a house? Thanks to Paul, John, Dan L. and the Conrado company for supplying quality contractors and supervision to keep the ball rolling in the correct lanes and for giving us good suggestions when we were not sure what to do on some of the issues.”

- New Custom Home, Saratoga

“The Conrado Company’s subcontractors were first rate. They were very professional with high standards of quality workmanship. They, too, personally contributed to a successful project.”

- New Custom Home and HomeCare Maintenance Client, Los Gatos

“My wife also wanted to make sure the house could withstand an 8.0 earthquake, so we obviously weren’t going to have a typical foundation, plus we have a hilly lot, and we wanted to use solar energy wherever we could. Paul listened to everything we wanted, and really worked with us to make it all happen. The biggest issue [with the solar panels] was that it all had to be done so that the panels would not be seen from the street. I think Paul’s background in civil engineering helped in many ways; we got everything we wanted, and we absolutely love our home.”

- New Custom Home, Saratoga

“I hired Conrado Home Builders to remodel both the interior and the exterior landscaping for my home. As a busy professional, it was important to me to hire a firm that I trusted to guide me through the entire process; alert me to decisions that needed to be made regarding design decisions and budget. They treated me fairly. The project has just been completed and I can say that I enjoyed the transformation of the house into a home that I am going to enjoy entertaining friends and family.”

- Remodel, Los Gatos

“Our team refined the design as we went along. Because Paul did a great job in project management, he could tell me what impacted the bottom line. He did that in an honest way; the charges were fair and reasonable, and I had the information to make my decision. He also had some great suggestions and asked, ‘What are you trying to accomplish; have you thought of this?’ His innovative ideas certainly helped the final cost.”

- Whole House Remodel, Monte Sereno

“Thank you so much Colleen. It was such a pleasure working with you and the entire team! I know I had some crazy ideas and you guys made it all happen! I really am thrilled… still things to do… Miss having you all around and the excitement of the creation!”

- Whole House Remodel, Monte Sereno

“Perhaps more important however, are the truly wonderful working relationships I enjoy with you and your project managers throughout the entire design and construction process. Working with your and our clients during the design process and budgeting phases is always enjoyable, and your integrity, responsiveness, and positive “customer service” attitude are a great pleasure. I can’t begin to tell you how happy I am with the work your company has produced on our four most recently completed projects. It goes without saying that the quality of the craftsmanship on these projects has been-as always-second to none, although it really does bear mentioning. For an architect, this is not only satisfying but also exciting-as more often than not – the end result is actually better than the vision in my head and on our drawings.”

- Architect, Noel Cross (13 homes built by Conrado)

“The Conrado Company built our beautiful custom Tuscan home and we would highly recommend them! Everyone with the company exhibited the highest level of skill and professionalism throughout. Every sub they hired was excellent, and we stayed on or below budget and on schedule. We even had fun! Conrado knows how to help mitigate the stress of such a large project. Highly recommend, great team!”

- New Custom House, Saratoga

“Your team has been making it fairly easy to live in the house during construction. You have a great team, Paul. Very considerate, nice people to work with.”

- Remodel, Los Gatos

“We have had the pleasure of collaborating with Paul Conrado on the building of beautiful high-end custom homes. Their professionalism, management style, attention to detail, commitment to schedule, budget and sensitivity to their client’s needs places them within the highest category in our experience of quality custom home builders within the San Francisco Bay Area.”

- Design Professional Colleague

“”The Conrado Company continually performed at the highest level as general contractors for us on a tremendously challenging and extensive Atherton home reconstruction project. Having worked with Conrado closely for over two years, we recommend them without hesitation.  Indeed, we are continuing to use the Conrado team for long term home maintenance.  If we undertook another project, no matter how difficult or unique, we would turn to Conrado in a heartbeat.

Our project involved a complete overhaul of a large two-story historical home that was stripped to the studs, entirely redesigned, reconfigured, and significantly expanded.  It also involved new construction of a sizeable stone-covered garden studio/pool house, swimming pool, redesigned driveways, pathways, parking areas, new foundation and new structural support. Among many challenges, the antiquated foundation required a total replacement, by jacking up the house; and the basement was expanded.  The result was a completely transformed Federal style house: unique cabinetry and ornamentation; beautiful use of light, vaulted ceilings, and rustic materials; custom millwork, stonework, brickwork, panelling, extensive moldings and arches; historic detailing; and state of the art infrastructure.

Clearly Paul Conrado has created a culture of excellence, professionalism, courtesy, and integrity.  With construction supervisors camped out in a trailer onsite – and weekly construction meetings with the Conrado team — we saw them “up close” dealing with the inevitable twists and turns in translating the architect’s imaginative design and our own vision into a beautifully constructed reality.  Conrado’s supervisors and budget monitors were meticulous, ingenious, and efficient in solving problems of all sorts. They were uniformly transparent, thorough, responsive, practical, creative, and highly skilled.

Conrado also chose subcontractors who were master craftsmen, responsive, and pleasant to deal with.  When a couple subs did not measure up, Conrado made a change without missing a step.  Conrado also provided an invaluable bridge between the architect’s vision and the subcontractors’ need for precise technical specifications for manufacture and installation.

Throughout the process, Conrado’s “no surprises” financial modelling was clear, detailed, and accurate.  They were flexible and creative in assisting us with “value engineering” where necessary to control or expand budget, helping us understand cost/design trade-offs in making myriad decisions.  They kept us extremely well informed at every stage, and they were consistently open to our questions.

In the end, Conrado produced a home with highest-level craftsmanship and aesthetics, wonderfully thoughtful and user-friendly systems and features, and a functional, intelligent and comfortable living environment. They were a great pleasure to deal with throughout the entire project.””

- Whole House Remodel, Atherton

“Conrado Home Builders completed a challenging and complex partial remodel of our home including a total kitchen re-do, HVAC, flooring, 2 bathrooms, laundry rooms, painting, plumbing, electrical, masonry, and outdoor kitchen. Conrado did a spectacular job with excellent planning and project management, fantastic subs, extraordinary quality and followup. The project also involved some structural engineering. The Conrado ecosystem is invaluable. Completed on time, despite the inevitable unforeseen difficulties remodeling a 30 year old home. We are thrilled with the result. They are the best.”

- Remodel, Atherton